"Co-Dependents Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. 

The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and fulfilling relationships. We rely on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions for knowledge and wisdom. These are the principles of our program and guides to developing honest and fulfilling relationships. 

Through applying the Twelve Steps and principles in CoDA to our daily life and relationships, both present and past, we can experience a new freedom from our self-defeating lifestyles and realize a new joy, acceptance and serenity in our lives." 

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CoDA E-Meditation and Announcements, Dec. 14, 2014

Hello everyone!

Sunday December 21st marks the Winter Solstice here in Omaha. You can think of it either as the shortest day of the year, or the longest, darkest night of the year.

Winter is just beginning. Between the cold, the dark and the holidays, the dark parts of our lives can suddenly be thrown into sharp focus; the hurts, the relationships that didn't last, our shortcomings.

At our Sunday Sangha meeting today, I listened to the sharing and heard my group talking about all of these things. And I remembered a December about seven years ago when a friend sent me a short, powerful prayer that helped me a lot as I struggled to end a long relationship.

The prayer is just this:

(Person's name), I forgive you for any suffering you have caused me in this life and any other.

I am free and you are free.

(Person's name), please forgive me for any suffering I have caused you in this life and any other.

I am free and you are free.


Are you a meeting chair that needs Newcomer Packets? We will be voting on how many copies to make at our next Board Meeting, January 25th. If your meeting would like some more copies of this packet, let me know how many you need at codaomaha1@hotmail.com.

The Tuesday Cocoon Club at the Church of the Master has been deleted from our 2015 meeting list.

According to the chair Mark S., it had dwindled to almost zero attendance. If you are interested in resuming the meeting or creating a new Tuesday meeting elsewhere, please contact me at codaomaha1@hotmail.com.

There will be a Sunday Step Study Meeting beginning Sunday January 4, 2015 from 10 - 11 a.m. Our study will be discussion-based from the book "The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook" available from CORE Publishing.

You can share our book, you don't have to buy one unless you want to. The meeting is in room 2755 at the Lied Transplant Center building, 42nd and Emile on the campus of UNMC.

Please just show up, you don't have to RSVP. The regular Sunday Sangha meeting will immediately follow from 11 to noon.

The CoDA Board needs a new Literature Position.

LITERATURE (2 year term) The Literature position keeps CODA literature available to members and meetings.  Duties include:

*Order and distribute literature and chips

Bring literature to all CODA special events

Keep four “Big Books” in stock at all times

Keep “What is CODA?” brochures in stock at all times

Work with Treasurer to pay for literature

Refer newcomers to available literature

This position has been open for about a year. Being on the board is a great way to serve your CoDA community. Board members are required to attend 8 of 10 monthly board meetings on the last Sunday of the month from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m

Peace and love, Lynn S. and the CoDA Board

We still have a few 8 x 10" Serenity Prayer prints from the Roundup designed by our very own Jonathan L.

Please contact Lynn at codaomaha@hotmail.com if you would like to purchase one for $10.00.  All proceeds go to CoDA Omaha

Are you a therapist or other helping professional?

Many people who might benefit from the support of CoDA may not be familiar with our principles. They may have heard the name, but not have a clear understanding of what offers. 

The documents below are meant to educate you and your clients about codependency and Codependents Anonymous.  

You are welcome to print them as needed. 

More questions?  Contact one of our board members or the CoDA Omaha Service Board Community Contact - Terry C., 402-639-8474, ycodanow4u@gmail.com

Dec. 2014 CODA Therapist Letter.pdf Dec. 2014 CODA Therapist Letter.pdf
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Coda Meeting List December 2014.pdf Coda Meeting List December 2014.pdf
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Patterns and Characteristics Mar 2014 .pdf Patterns and Characteristics Mar 2014 .pdf
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Suggested Resources Dec. 2014.pdf Suggested Resources Dec. 2014.pdf
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Recovery Patterns of Codependence.pdf Recovery Patterns of Codependence.pdf
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Recovery from Codependency.pdf Recovery from Codependency.pdf
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Sponsorship in CoDA.pdf Sponsorship in CoDA.pdf
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